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Activities & Workshops

cocopeat drying floors
cocopeat drying yard
cocopeat washing bed
cocopeat bed ready for washing
cocopeat drying yard
coir twine yarn spools for matting industry
coir twine for Aquaculture
thick coir rope for shipping and decoration purposes
Cocopeat close-up background- product image.jpg
cocopeat Unit 2
coir ropes for decoration and packing industry
coir twine for matting and carpets manufacture
coir twine in 150kg bales
cocopeat packaged in wooden pallets
cocopeat washing yard
premium twist coir rope for mattress industry
Coir yarn 4mm
coir rope 7mm
COIR BLEND® Growbag slabs
coir fibre in bales
white coconut fiber for makng natural filters
brown coir fibre for mattress industry
mattress making coir fiber
coco fiber for making coir acoustic sheets
coir geo textile for Soil erosion
soil erosion blankets made of coir yarns
coir geo textile in rolls loaded into containers
coir blend growbags and geotextiles
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